Using Daily Planners for Productivity

Maybe you use a paper planner. Maybe you use a virtual calendar. But did you know you could use a digital planner?

3/3/20232 min read

Most people I know haven't used a paper planner in years. They can be bulky, hard to keep up with, and hard to archive. Let alone trying to search for an event that happened months ago! But there is a diehard niche of folks who love their binders and their paper planners. I know, I'm one of them. At least I was until recently. I'm now on a hiatus because I have so much going on in my life right now - three online businesses, a budding Etsy store, a consulting business, a novel in the works, and learning two foreign languages. Whew - I need a nap just thinking about it. So while I was trying to juggle all that and keep my written notes straight, I was missing a lot of things that I needed to do. Social media posts, new listings for my Etsy store, advertising for my e-commerce store - so much was falling through the cracks. So I decided something had to change.

I came across Etsy a while back when I was still using a paper planner and was looking for some inspiration on better calendar pages. I quickly became an addict and began designing my own pages, customizing them to my personal, work, and home tasks that I completed on a daily basis. Then I thought, Hey, maybe I could sell these on Etsy! After all, they're functional, easy to use, and sleek. So I opened an Etsy shop in November 2022 and started listing some of my work. While researching other successful sellers, I realized that many of them were creating digital planners that could be used just like a paper planner - only soooo much more efficiently! This magical combination of the look of a paper planner and a digital record that could be searched easily - wow. Why didn't I think of that??

So here I am, now in the midst of creating my second digital planner. I published my first one in February, just a few days ago, and I just made it under the wire after posting in my store that I would have a digital planner listed in February. I'm proud of it, but the next one will be even better! And the next one after that...and the next one...

Anyway, I hope you don't find this to be a shameless plug for my work. But I did put in a lot of hours making it, and I was learning as I went. It's a very good price, I think, for all the hard work that went into it, so I would love it if you could give it a try and let me know what you think. Thanks much!